Why Second Love Is Your Real First Love ?

By   April 26, 2018

Of course, the first love is unforgettable and leaves indelible marks and sighs before the memory. But true stability, true fulfillment and true maturity almost always come from experiences with your second love or a second chance. The second love teaches you to love again after being broken. It teaches you that love still exists, that you are capable of loving again and loving stronger. That you can still have faith in love no matter how much pain your first love caused you. The second love is there to collect the pieces. The second love is true love.

Why Second Love Is Your Real First Love

The first love is always intense and effusive, makes you lose your head and leads you to make decisions taken. The process of falling in love and the passion of the first love, lead to unforgettable romance, without barriers and without complications, by which you dare to leave everything without measuring the consequences. Deliver everything blindly, no matter that this does not leave you anything good in the long run.

Second Love Is Your Real First Love

When that second person arrives, it is for you the opportunity to put your feet on the ground, take everything more calmly and any decision to make must be processed. It is possible to have an emotional intimacy and perhaps different from that of the first love.

1. The Second Love Gives you Hope

That your fairy tale is still out there. That anguish is not the end of the world and that there are better things ahead. It shows you what happens when you move, when you let things go, when you try again and when you never lose hope. The second love shows you light after darkness.

The previous experiences give the facility to know certain situations, then, you will know how to go with caution and be prepared for something formal and responsible.

The Second Love Gives you Hope

This new relationship may be much more calm and serene, so that your emotional stability will be more balanced. When you feel free of intense feelings, you tend to be a much more focused and mature person, so the new relationship will present fewer difficulties, you will learn to dialogue before something gets out of control because you already learned the lesson.

You begin to value every detail that the other person has towards you, you give importance to what it offers you and offers as such. One of the things that most appear in the first relationship is that the more days you want to receive, and you start to stop assessing if what they give you is not greater than what they gave you yesterday.

2. The Second Love is Braver

It means you know how to forgive, you know how to risk getting hurt again because it’s worth it. It means that you are prepared for the worst, but you expect the best. The second love makes you stronger.

On the other hand, in the second love, things change because you learned that what little or much he gives you will be because he is born.

The Second Love is Braver

Almost always in the first love, the lawsuits, the dramas and the power struggle leave you with a very bad taste in your mouth, so you probably prefer to negotiate and make win-win agreements. After coming from intense experiences the least you want is to deal with situations out of place, so you go down to hysteria at times to avoid generating an altercation.

3. The Second Love Makes you Believe in Time

In why things did not work the first time, why you fell in love with the wrong person, why you had to have a broken heart and why someone left you when they promised to love you. He is here to tell you that there is always a valid reason behind your pain and that loving someone does not always mean that it is right for you. The second love answers all these questions.


The past I leave you learning that pride and ego are not good counselors.

Perhaps and most likely, your second love will come at a time of your life of personal balance, maturity and you really know what you want. Maybe you get to fall in love after thirty, then your life will have that stability and independence in every way and your security and your self-esteem will see that you have strengthened them.

4. The Second Love Makes Sense

It is not based on fantasies of childhood, lust or infatuation. It is not blind or reckless or toxic. It is not based on unrealistic expectations or pure obsession. The second love comes after you have learned to listen to your gut, to watch the red flags, to choose someone because it will add value to your life and when you have learned to make decisions by maturity and not by loneliness.


This time you want it to work and having learned from your previous mistakes you are less defensive. You are willing or willing to improve every day, you know that you can make small adjustments in your way of acting, of course without changing your essence or personality, and why not also show more flexible in any situation that generates a problem, on the contrary, You know that this improvement will help you in your new relationship.

To some extent you stop feeling those butterflies in your stomach not in their entirety, but if not like the first time. You learn that when you are with someone it is to enjoy one another, without the need to have so many discussions. The fact of having the experience of a past relationship is that the disappointments and disappointments are not usually so strong.

You have learned that there is no perfect man or woman and that there is no relationship between roses, because you will always have something to improve either personally or in the relationship in general, which will allow you to live your days peacefully.

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