How to watch Uktvnow online on your Computer

By   August 6, 2018

In April 2004, China Unicom launched the “Video Shinkansen” mobile streaming media business nationwide, and reached content distribution agreements with 12 TV channels at home and abroad such as CCTV News Channel, Chinese International Channel, English Channel, and Phoenix Information. Subsequently, Tianjin Unicom opened a CDMA mobile phone-based handheld Uktvnow Apk (GOGOTV), which successfully realized smooth and clear video and audio transmission on the mobile phone, and easily watched nearly 20 sets of programs from CCTV, Tianjin Satellite TV and other provincial and municipal TV stations.

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On February 24, 2005, People’s Daily Online, NPC News Network, and CPPCC News Network jointly launched the first wireless news network in China, which is based on mobile phones, the “two sessions” wireless news network, which for the first time realized the news of major national political events reported by mobile phones. A historic breakthrough. In October 2007, CCTV Mobile TV launched the first special newsletter mobile video magazine “Hands-“17th National Congress”, which was the first to open up the video reading business in the new media field, and the exclusive mobile video live broadcast of the 17th National Congress, Established the first domestic political report “Wireless Alliance”.

How to watch Uktvnow online on your Computer How to watch Uktvnow online on your Computer How to watch Uktvnow online on your Computer
On December 18, 2007, CCTV officially signed a contract with the International Olympic Committee in Beijing, announcing that, the new media platform of CCTV, became the official Internet and mobile broadcaster of the Beijing Olympic Games. This means that is the only institution with a total of 3,800 hours of Olympic new media rights in mainland China and Macau. relies on the “CCTV Olympic Mobile TV Station”, which is built by the full force. It has launched live video, graphic reports, interactive communities, mobile magazines, etc. through mobile streaming media platform, WAP platform, client interactive platform and mobile video magazine platform. The video program form participates in the news reports of the Olympic Games.

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For the purpose of transmitting information and ideas, short informational news and interview video news programs have become one of the main forms of mobile TV new media development. The traditional TV news program has been moved to the mobile phone after simple editing, and it can not play the characteristics of the mobile phone media in terms of information acquisition, multimedia information, information exchange and interaction. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate the characteristics of mobile media. The video program form is improved and reconstructed. [6]

Internet Uktvnow software Internet Uktvnow software Internet Uktvnow software
In short, with the development of digital technology, the traditional TV concept will accelerate the transition to the concept of “big TV” including traditional TV, Internet TV, mobile TV, etc., traditional TV news programs and online TV news programs, mobile TV news programs. Etc. will increasingly show convergence. The number of TV news programs in the context of “big TV” will increase in geometric progression, and will also be derived from geometric progressions in the form of continual changes.

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[1] There are also related definitions of TV news program formats: 1. TV news program form is the basic carrier and performance style of TV news communication (Wang Qixiang: “Composite and Diversification: Analysis of the Evolution Characteristics of Chinese TV News Programs”) China Radio and Television Journal, No. 11 (2006). uktvnow

[2] Li Xing: “Popular Position: Li Xing TV Criticism Anthology”, China Social Sciences Press, 2005, p. 91.

[3] The form of TV news column can be further divided into the collection type represented by “News Network”, the magazine type represented by “Oriental Time and Space”, the topical type represented by “Focus Interview” and the truth. “The speech type represented by 4 seed forms.

Satellite Programming Broadcast of Uktvnow Satellite Programming Broadcast of Uktvnow Satellite Programming Broadcast of Uktvnow

[4] [English] David McQueen: “Understanding TV – The Concept and Change of TV Program Types”, translated by Miao Wei, Zhao Changjun, Li Lidan, Huaxia Publishing House, 2003, p. 24.

[5] Chen Yi: “Video News: A New Communication Channel”, in the “Audiovisual World”, No. 3, 2007.

[6] See Che Jiajun, “The Transformation of TV Programs on the Form of TV Programs”, in Sound Screen World, No. 3, 2007. (The author is deputy director of the Northern Media Research Center of Jilin Province, Ph.D., senior editor)

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The form of TV news program is one of the major categories of TV programs. It refers to the natural extension and personalization of the content, form and quality of TV news programs. It is also the design of TV news programs composed of elements such as subject matter, narrative, news, audio-visual and other elements. stencil. [1] The form of TV news programs differs from the type of TV news programs. The TV news program type refers to the type formed by news programs having the same characteristics. For a wide range of television news programs, different classification criteria can classify programs with the same characteristics into different types.

Read more about watch TV online on Computer Read more about watch TV online on Computer Read more about watch TV online on Computer

In the TV practice world, the concept of “program form” has been greatly different from the concept of “program type”: the concept of “program type” has been established, relatively stable, How to watch Uktvnow online on your Computer emphasizing convergence; the concept of “program form” is still being formed. The liquidity is large, the coverage is strong, and the emphasis is on differences.

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