Best Free Products on the Internet

By   February 26, 2018

Do you remember the saying ‘the good, if brief, twice good’? Well, it has evolved to become ‘The good, if free, twice good’. This is due to the success that free things have among the population: who does not like to have something without having to pay for it?

Surely when you find free samples of perfumes in a magazine you go for it, or when you get a sample of a new cream in the pharmacy, you get very happy. And although it is very easy to distribute free samples, the samples of free products began in the mid-nineteenth century with the help of Benjamin T. Babbitt, a manufacturer of soaps. This man revolutionized marketing with sampling, or what is known in English as sampling. Your success is undeniable, but have you ever wondered why we like things so much for free?

Why we Like Free Things

Psychologist Dan Ariely conducted an experiment to demonstrate the hypothesis that most people choose products that are free, even if their quality is worse. For this, he looked for a product that was irresistible to almost everyone: chocolate.

Best Free Products on the Internet

In the first phase of the study, two chocolate products of different brands were put on sale for a group of students. One was truffles from the Lindt brand. The others were chocolates of the brand Hershey Kisses. The first ones are Swiss chocolates of good quality, while the second ones are ordinary chocolates. The price of the Lindts was 15 cents, while that of the Hershey Kisses was 1 cent. Although some are much cheaper than others, 73% decided to buy the Lindt brand. Put to buy, bought the highest quality.

But what happens when this product becomes free? In a second phase of the experiment it was decided to lower the price of Lindt chocolates to 14 cents, while the Hershey Kisses became free. Which one would you have opted for in this situation? 69% of the people decided then the Hershey brand, simply for the fact of being free.

The conclusion was simple: when deciding between buying one product or another, you always choose the one with the best quality-price. However, when you find a free product, the variables disappear and lack meaning. This theory is related to fear. Human beings are afraid of losing. If you are going to buy between two different brands, you prefer the one with the highest quality. In this way you are not “losing the money”. However, when you decide to take a free product, the possibility of losing is nil, so you will tend to opt for it.

Today and thanks to new technologies, the Internet has become the perfect ally to find a lot of products and plans that we like and are completely free. We live in a time when there are more and more resources and we have greater access to information, which makes it easier for us to access products or services that are totally free.

Find free things on the Internet

The Internet offers you a wide range of products that you can get for free. To learn about a specific topic it is no longer necessary to sign up for a course or go to class, you only need a device with an Internet connection and in a second you will have thousands of tutorials to become an expert.

The exchange of opinions is another of the great attractions -fatty- of the Internet. You can be part of different forums where you can discover new subjects, knowledge and even people.

In addition, there are pages where you can find totally surprising and free products: movies, books, art, music … Everything you want you can find it How? Yes, there are websites where you can purchase free objects, without your Fintonic saving aid app being minimally altered. Take note:

  1. : is a page where people give away the products they no longer need. Here you can find interesting products.
  2. is a page very similar to the previous one. In this case, you need to register. It is a kind of community where barter is encouraged, never monetary exchange.
  3. Comerporlapatilla.comĀ : If you’re looking to eat for the face, this is your page. Here you will find numerous fairs and places where you can eat for free. Culinary tastings are in vogue! is destined to give away and get baby clothes. Children grow by leaps and bounds and you will most likely have to “throw” your clothes while being basically new. On this page you can give your clothes to people who need it and can not afford it.

Exit the city without spending money

But there does not end everything. In addition to browsing the internet looking for free products, you can also plan your leisure without spending a euro. Take note of the following options

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