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What Calendar Do We Follow | 2018 Calendar With Holidays

By   May 12, 2018

22-year-old Bailey Davis fired the NFL team at the New Orleans Saints cheerleaders, breaking the team’s rules. 2018 Calendar With Holidays¬† One fate was a sneeze. Davis broke the team’s rules that cheerleaders should not be present in social media as naked, half-naked, or underwear. Davis was pictured in a bathing suit. Davis had previously… Continue reading »

Some Best Summer Health Care Tips for You

By   January 6, 2018

Below, we offer you 5 tips to take care of your health and improve your diet during the hottest season. Take note! Health and high temperatures: how to prevent ourselves. Given the high temperatures, the Buenos Aires Government, through the Ministry of Health, recommends taking the necessary care to prevent heat stroke. Keep in mind… Continue reading »