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Newgen ECM

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Video: Provider Contract and Network Manager by Newgen Software Inc


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How to watch Uktvnow online on your Computer

By   August 6, 2018

In April 2004, China Unicom launched the “Video Shinkansen” mobile streaming media business nationwide, and reached content distribution agreements with 12 TV channels at home and abroad such as CCTV News Channel, Chinese International Channel, English Channel, and Phoenix Information. Subsequently, Tianjin Unicom opened a CDMA mobile phone-based handheld Uktvnow Apk (GOGOTV), which successfully realized smooth and clear video and audio transmission on the mobile phone, and easily watched nearly 20 sets of programs from CCTV, Tianjin Satellite TV and other provincial and municipal TV stations.

Uktvnow Apk

On February 24, 2005, People’s Daily Online, NPC News Network, and CPPCC News Network jointly launched the first wireless news network in China, which is based on mobile phones, the “two sessions” wireless news network, which for the first time realized the news of major national political events reported by mobile phones. A historic breakthrough. In October 2007, CCTV Mobile TV launched the first special newsletter mobile video magazine “Hands-“17th National Congress”, which was the first to open up the video reading business in the new media field, and the exclusive mobile video live broadcast of the 17th National Congress, Established the first domestic political report “Wireless Alliance”.

How to watch Uktvnow online on your Computer How to watch Uktvnow online on your Computer How to watch Uktvnow online on your Computer
On December 18, 2007, CCTV officially signed a contract with the International Olympic Committee in Beijing, announcing that, the new media platform of CCTV, became the official Internet and mobile broadcaster of the Beijing Olympic Games. This means that is the only institution with a total of 3,800 hours of Olympic new media rights in mainland China and Macau. relies on the “CCTV Olympic Mobile TV Station”, which is built by the full force. It has launched live video, graphic reports, interactive communities, mobile magazines, etc. through mobile streaming media platform, WAP platform, client interactive platform and mobile video magazine platform. The video program form participates in the news reports of the Olympic Games.

Internet Uktvnow software | Uktvnow Apk

For the purpose of transmitting information and ideas, short informational news and interview video news programs have become one of the main forms of mobile TV new media development. The traditional TV news program has been moved to the mobile phone after simple editing, and it can not play the characteristics of the mobile phone media in terms of information acquisition, multimedia information, information exchange and interaction. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate the characteristics of mobile media. The video program form is improved and reconstructed. [6]

Internet Uktvnow software Internet Uktvnow software Internet Uktvnow software
In short, with the development of digital technology, the traditional TV concept will accelerate the transition to the concept of “big TV” including traditional TV, Internet TV, mobile TV, etc., traditional TV news programs and online TV news programs, mobile TV news programs. Etc. will increasingly show convergence. The number of TV news programs in the context of “big TV” will increase in geometric progression, and will also be derived from geometric progressions in the form of continual changes.

Satellite Programming Broadcast of Uktvnow Apk

[1] There are also related definitions of TV news program formats: 1. TV news program form is the basic carrier and performance style of TV news communication (Wang Qixiang: “Composite and Diversification: Analysis of the Evolution Characteristics of Chinese TV News Programs”) China Radio and Television Journal, No. 11 (2006). uktvnow

[2] Li Xing: “Popular Position: Li Xing TV Criticism Anthology”, China Social Sciences Press, 2005, p. 91.

[3] The form of TV news column can be further divided into the collection type represented by “News Network”, the magazine type represented by “Oriental Time and Space”, the topical type represented by “Focus Interview” and the truth. “The speech type represented by 4 seed forms.

Satellite Programming Broadcast of Uktvnow Satellite Programming Broadcast of Uktvnow Satellite Programming Broadcast of Uktvnow

[4] [English] David McQueen: “Understanding TV – The Concept and Change of TV Program Types”, translated by Miao Wei, Zhao Changjun, Li Lidan, Huaxia Publishing House, 2003, p. 24.

[5] Chen Yi: “Video News: A New Communication Channel”, in the “Audiovisual World”, No. 3, 2007.

[6] See Che Jiajun, “The Transformation of TV Programs on the Form of TV Programs”, in Sound Screen World, No. 3, 2007. (The author is deputy director of the Northern Media Research Center of Jilin Province, Ph.D., senior editor)

Read more about watch TV online on Computer

The form of TV news program is one of the major categories of TV programs. It refers to the natural extension and personalization of the content, form and quality of TV news programs. It is also the design of TV news programs composed of elements such as subject matter, narrative, news, audio-visual and other elements. stencil. [1] The form of TV news programs differs from the type of TV news programs. The TV news program type refers to the type formed by news programs having the same characteristics. For a wide range of television news programs, different classification criteria can classify programs with the same characteristics into different types.

Read more about watch TV online on Computer Read more about watch TV online on Computer Read more about watch TV online on Computer

In the TV practice world, the concept of “program form” has been greatly different from the concept of “program type”: the concept of “program type” has been established, relatively stable, How to watch Uktvnow online on your Computer emphasizing convergence; the concept of “program form” is still being formed. The liquidity is large, the coverage is strong, and the emphasis is on differences.

Uktvnow Watch – Live TV

By   June 23, 2018

Explore hundreds of stations from your mobile is possible with TV Watch – Uktvnow Watch – Live TV, a free application that allows you to access TV channels around the world from Android.

Uktvnow Watch – Live TV

This app, presents you organized by country or gender, different stations to watch live TV via streaming, either using a WiFi connection or via 3G or LTE, ideal if you are away from home.

Uktvnow Watch - Live TV Uktvnow Watch - Live TV Uktvnow Watch - Live TV

But with TV Watch – Live TV & Movies you will not only have access to TV channels, but also radio stations. The application allows you to see the programming guides and even prevent others from opening it by protecting it with a password. TV Watch – Live TV & Movies is free, being compatible with devices that use Android 2.2 or higher.

Mobile Uktvnow App

Similar to the previous one, Mobile TV has fewer channels, but these are better organized and their interface is cleaner. Of course, the stations are exclusively in English.

Mobile Uktvnow App Mobile Uktvnow App Mobile Uktvnow App (2)

With Mobile TV, you can enjoy live and recorded television, all via streaming and completely free of charge. This app has the requirement to have Flash installed, which in modern equipment must be done manually. Mobile TV is compatible with Android versions 2.1 and later.

Sports Live TV Uktvnow

An Internet classic, it also has its Android version. With, we have access to an impressive number of channels created by the users of the site and that transmit almost everything.

Sports Live TV Uktvnow  Sports Live TV Uktvnow  Sports Live TV Uktvnow 

While the amount of content is impressive, often the transmission is not in the best quality and, it can be difficult to find what you are looking for. In any case, it is an excellent alternative to watch Uktvnow Watch – Live TV from an Android mobile.This free app is compatible with Android 4.0 and later.

What Calendar Do We Follow | 2018 Calendar With Holidays

By   May 12, 2018

22-year-old Bailey Davis fired the NFL team at the New Orleans Saints cheerleaders, breaking the team’s rules. 2018 Calendar With Holidays  One fate was a sneeze. Davis broke the team’s rules that cheerleaders should not be present in social media as naked, half-naked, or underwear. Davis was pictured in a bathing suit. Davis had previously changed his Instagram account to avoid difficulties because of a noisy picture. It did not help. Four days after downloading the picture, he got fired. Davis complained about equal employment opportunities for the Commission. It is a state-run, human rights enforcement agency. According to the complaint, the team has two completely different rules, one for players and others for cheerleaders, all of which are women. Davis is now, just over a month later, again in the headlines. He has provided an interview with Sports Illustrated, which tells about cheating on cheerleaders in NFL. When he was second in the team’s cheerleader in 2016, Davis was part of the season’s cheerleaders annual calendar releases. There, he saw a huge picture of the entire group posing together in front of the hall on the wall. June 2018 Calendar

What Calendar Do We Follow

Davis banged himself in the middle of the second row, but noticed a major picture editing of his shock. Her breast size had been significantly altered, and it was not a subtle photo shoot. He tells the story of how many of the group members – several of whom had been the right Breast Enlargement Operations – bothered him with surprisingly large breasts.

What Calendar Do We Follow

In addition, Davis had been proud of the way he had trained himself to the top of the season. Especially abdominal muscles were her pride in her. However, they were retorted in the wind of the sky in calendar pictures.

There was no one in Six Pack. I wanted decent abdominal muscles in the picture, but they straighten them, as someone said, “Because men do not like women who have six-packs.”

2018 Calendar With Holidays

That calendar was the last time a cheerlead group of Saintsations was made.

– We should have a muscular croup. If there are no stamps, there are no stamps. We should not have to worry about being the men’s image of the perfect cheerleader’s crown.

2018 Calendar With Holidays

Davisia was also annoyed by the fact that during her time, the group’s dance was all the more demanding. Even then, the point was eye-catching.

– Dance roulette became ever more modest so that less gifted dancers would look better. If the weight gained on the waist or your photos did not help with the sale of calendars, there was no point in the game during the games. Everyone else except your dance skills defined it, You did, Davis is upset.

The case of Davis is just one of the many cases that have been revealed over the last few years. At the beginning of May, the New York Times revealed how the Washington Redskins dancers were treated excellently on a photography trip to Costa Rica. According to a few dancers, women had to be on top of the shootings even if they did not see nudity in the calendar pictures.

Calendar 2018 With Holidays

Some were wearing only body paints. The trip and the shooting session were exceptionally impressed by the fact that the club had invited its well-known sponsors and athletes. All of them were men.

2018 CalendarHolidays

In one description practically we stood around my friend like a human being because he was almost naked. We wanted to prevent men from seeing him. I was angry because the men on that trip behaved ill-concealed in the background.

Calendar 2018 Holidays

In April, former cheerleader of Miami Dolphins, Kristian Ann Ware, said she was discriminated against because of her religion and belief. Waren said the club and the NFL treated him inappropriately and discriminated against him because he revealed that he was a virgin.

The events that occurred yesterday and the serious problems that had occurred earlier, The treatment of Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills cheerleaders has brought significant pressure on NFL to improve the working conditions of dancers. The lawyer representing Warea and Davis Law told USA Today earlier this week that they believed they could make a significant difference in the cheerleaders’ working conditions. Lawyer Sara Blackwell told the newspaper that he had been contacted by NFL, whose intention he believes to be genuine.

– Either they make me cheap or they really want a change. I believe they speak the truth. I and my client care about the girls who are hommissa now. We want to ensure that their working conditions are fair and professional.

Why Second Love Is Your Real First Love ?

By   April 26, 2018

Of course, the first love is unforgettable and leaves indelible marks and sighs before the memory. But true stability, true fulfillment and true maturity almost always come from experiences with your second love or a second chance. The second love teaches you to love again after being broken. It teaches you that love still exists, that you are capable of loving again and loving stronger. That you can still have faith in love no matter how much pain your first love caused you. The second love is there to collect the pieces. The second love is true love.

Why Second Love Is Your Real First Love

The first love is always intense and effusive, makes you lose your head and leads you to make decisions taken. The process of falling in love and the passion of the first love, lead to unforgettable romance, without barriers and without complications, by which you dare to leave everything without measuring the consequences. Deliver everything blindly, no matter that this does not leave you anything good in the long run.

Second Love Is Your Real First Love

When that second person arrives, it is for you the opportunity to put your feet on the ground, take everything more calmly and any decision to make must be processed. It is possible to have an emotional intimacy and perhaps different from that of the first love.

1. The Second Love Gives you Hope

That your fairy tale is still out there. That anguish is not the end of the world and that there are better things ahead. It shows you what happens when you move, when you let things go, when you try again and when you never lose hope. The second love shows you light after darkness.

The previous experiences give the facility to know certain situations, then, you will know how to go with caution and be prepared for something formal and responsible.

The Second Love Gives you Hope

This new relationship may be much more calm and serene, so that your emotional stability will be more balanced. When you feel free of intense feelings, you tend to be a much more focused and mature person, so the new relationship will present fewer difficulties, you will learn to dialogue before something gets out of control because you already learned the lesson.

You begin to value every detail that the other person has towards you, you give importance to what it offers you and offers as such. One of the things that most appear in the first relationship is that the more days you want to receive, and you start to stop assessing if what they give you is not greater than what they gave you yesterday.

2. The Second Love is Braver

It means you know how to forgive, you know how to risk getting hurt again because it’s worth it. It means that you are prepared for the worst, but you expect the best. The second love makes you stronger.

On the other hand, in the second love, things change because you learned that what little or much he gives you will be because he is born.

The Second Love is Braver

Almost always in the first love, the lawsuits, the dramas and the power struggle leave you with a very bad taste in your mouth, so you probably prefer to negotiate and make win-win agreements. After coming from intense experiences the least you want is to deal with situations out of place, so you go down to hysteria at times to avoid generating an altercation.

3. The Second Love Makes you Believe in Time

In why things did not work the first time, why you fell in love with the wrong person, why you had to have a broken heart and why someone left you when they promised to love you. He is here to tell you that there is always a valid reason behind your pain and that loving someone does not always mean that it is right for you. The second love answers all these questions.


The past I leave you learning that pride and ego are not good counselors.

Perhaps and most likely, your second love will come at a time of your life of personal balance, maturity and you really know what you want. Maybe you get to fall in love after thirty, then your life will have that stability and independence in every way and your security and your self-esteem will see that you have strengthened them.

4. The Second Love Makes Sense

It is not based on fantasies of childhood, lust or infatuation. It is not blind or reckless or toxic. It is not based on unrealistic expectations or pure obsession. The second love comes after you have learned to listen to your gut, to watch the red flags, to choose someone because it will add value to your life and when you have learned to make decisions by maturity and not by loneliness.


This time you want it to work and having learned from your previous mistakes you are less defensive. You are willing or willing to improve every day, you know that you can make small adjustments in your way of acting, of course without changing your essence or personality, and why not also show more flexible in any situation that generates a problem, on the contrary, You know that this improvement will help you in your new relationship.

To some extent you stop feeling those butterflies in your stomach not in their entirety, but if not like the first time. You learn that when you are with someone it is to enjoy one another, without the need to have so many discussions. The fact of having the experience of a past relationship is that the disappointments and disappointments are not usually so strong.

You have learned that there is no perfect man or woman and that there is no relationship between roses, because you will always have something to improve either personally or in the relationship in general, which will allow you to live your days peacefully.

Is the British Education System Designed to Polarise People?

By   April 18, 2018

Learning World Summary: How does the Free Schools government initiative help redraw the British educational landscape? And why are more and more teachers deciding to change jobs?

In this edition, head to the United Kingdom in the middle of the campaign for the legislative. The opportunity for our team to study closely the British education system.

Free Schools

The current British government is behind a controversial initiative: the Free Schools. Establishments of a new kind, funded by the state, but managed autonomously. So how are they different from other schools?

The Canary Wharf Free School was one of the first to open in September 2011. Located in Tower Hamlets, an underprivileged district of London, it stands out at almost every school in the area: 20 students maximum by class, a wide choice of subjects and a longer school day.

Flexibility in the application of the programs and autonomy in the management of the inscriptions and their finances … A freedom of action decried by some, whereas 400 Free Schools have seen or will see the day soon.

Blues of teachers

Despite the great diversity of schools in the United Kingdom, not all teachers find their happiness, resulting in a significant turnover in public schools. What are the challenges faced by these teachers and why do some end up throwing in the towel?

According to a study published recently by a teachers’ union, nearly 40% of newly qualified teachers would leave their posts just one year after their training. At issue: a disproportionate workload and pressure.

On the other hand, program changes and the focus on inspections by the OFSTED – the controlling body of the UK’s education system – would only further complicate their daily lives.

Politics is coming to school

With the approach of the British elections, the schools also enter the dance. The students – like the real candidates – debate and try to mobilize a very indecisive electorate. So, will they do better than their elders? ”

It’s D-Day for high school students at the Catholic School of the Holy Family in London: the one for the big electoral debate before the election. As in real political life, they prepared everything: professions of faith, posters, leaflets, not to mention a concrete argument to rally the maximum number of students to their cause.

A citizen project supported by Martin, one of their teachers: “Many students are very politicized without even knowing it. By organizing this election simulation, I wanted to make the connection between political opinion and engagement in the field. ”

Six parties have the floor: Labor, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Greens, the independence of the UKIP and the very offbeat party ‘mad crazy monstrous’ … And the resemblance with the official candidates is sometimes bluffing!

Best Free Products on the Internet

By   February 26, 2018

Do you remember the saying ‘the good, if brief, twice good’? Well, it has evolved to become ‘The good, if free, twice good’. This is due to the success that free things have among the population: who does not like to have something without having to pay for it?

Surely when you find free samples of perfumes in a magazine you go for it, or when you get a sample of a new cream in the pharmacy, you get very happy. And although it is very easy to distribute free samples, the samples of free products began in the mid-nineteenth century with the help of Benjamin T. Babbitt, a manufacturer of soaps. This man revolutionized marketing with sampling, or what is known in English as sampling. Your success is undeniable, but have you ever wondered why we like things so much for free?

Why we Like Free Things

Psychologist Dan Ariely conducted an experiment to demonstrate the hypothesis that most people choose products that are free, even if their quality is worse. For this, he looked for a product that was irresistible to almost everyone: chocolate.

Best Free Products on the Internet

In the first phase of the study, two chocolate products of different brands were put on sale for a group of students. One was truffles from the Lindt brand. The others were chocolates of the brand Hershey Kisses. The first ones are Swiss chocolates of good quality, while the second ones are ordinary chocolates. The price of the Lindts was 15 cents, while that of the Hershey Kisses was 1 cent. Although some are much cheaper than others, 73% decided to buy the Lindt brand. Put to buy, bought the highest quality.

But what happens when this product becomes free? In a second phase of the experiment it was decided to lower the price of Lindt chocolates to 14 cents, while the Hershey Kisses became free. Which one would you have opted for in this situation? 69% of the people decided then the Hershey brand, simply for the fact of being free.

The conclusion was simple: when deciding between buying one product or another, you always choose the one with the best quality-price. However, when you find a free product, the variables disappear and lack meaning. This theory is related to fear. Human beings are afraid of losing. If you are going to buy between two different brands, you prefer the one with the highest quality. In this way you are not “losing the money”. However, when you decide to take a free product, the possibility of losing is nil, so you will tend to opt for it.

Today and thanks to new technologies, the Internet has become the perfect ally to find a lot of products and plans that we like and are completely free. We live in a time when there are more and more resources and we have greater access to information, which makes it easier for us to access products or services that are totally free.

Find free things on the Internet

The Internet offers you a wide range of products that you can get for free. To learn about a specific topic it is no longer necessary to sign up for a course or go to class, you only need a device with an Internet connection and in a second you will have thousands of tutorials to become an expert.

The exchange of opinions is another of the great attractions -fatty- of the Internet. You can be part of different forums where you can discover new subjects, knowledge and even people.

In addition, there are pages where you can find totally surprising and free products: movies, books, art, music … Everything you want you can find it How? Yes, there are websites where you can purchase free objects, without your Fintonic saving aid app being minimally altered. Take note:

  1. : is a page where people give away the products they no longer need. Here you can find interesting products.
  2. is a page very similar to the previous one. In this case, you need to register. It is a kind of community where barter is encouraged, never monetary exchange.
  3. : If you’re looking to eat for the face, this is your page. Here you will find numerous fairs and places where you can eat for free. Culinary tastings are in vogue! is destined to give away and get baby clothes. Children grow by leaps and bounds and you will most likely have to “throw” your clothes while being basically new. On this page you can give your clothes to people who need it and can not afford it.

Exit the city without spending money

But there does not end everything. In addition to browsing the internet looking for free products, you can also plan your leisure without spending a euro. Take note of the following options

Some Best Summer Health Care Tips for You

By   January 6, 2018

Below, we offer you 5 tips to take care of your health and improve your diet during the hottest season. Take note!

Health and high temperatures: how to prevent ourselves. Given the high temperatures, the Buenos Aires Government, through the Ministry of Health, recommends taking the necessary care to prevent heat stroke. Keep in mind that heat stroke can affect people of any age, but the groups most at risk are children-who do not manifest their symptoms easily-and those over 65.

While vacations are made to enjoy and rest, without paying too much attention to the schedules and meals we choose, it is important that we take some precautions to take care of our health. Next, we suggest 5 healthy habits that you can incorporate during the summer and thus avoid discomfort in the hottest days.

If the person suffers any of these symptoms, it is important:

  • Move the affected person to the shade, to a cool and quiet place.
  • Make him keep his head a little high, and try to cool him by wetting his clothes, applying ice to his head.
  • Give him fresh or slightly salty water to drink.
  • Request medical help.

Top Best Summer Health Care Tips

Avoid “miracle diets”

“Many people choose to perform miracle or fashionable diets, and do not take into account that they are counterproductive and even fatal because they lack essential nutrients for the body, such as potassium, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and even fats, “explained Lic. Liliana Sánchez, Coordinator of the Nutrition course at the Faculty of Medicine of the Catholic University of Córdoba.

“Diets low in carbohydrates and high in protein, for example, can raise the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes, in addition to producing muscle weakness, hair loss,” said Sanchez.

Therefore, if your goal is to lose weight, stay away from express diets and restrictive diets. It is better to choose to reduce portions, perform physical activity, drink water and rest well. In this way, not only will you lose weight in a healthy way, but you will also maintain a good emotional and emotional state.


It Tries to Maintain the Cold Chain of Food

The loss of the optimum temperature of refrigeration or freezing of the food damages its quality, therefore, maintaining the cold chain is fundamental when it comes to guaranteeing food safety. It is for this reason that all the links involved, from producers to the final consumer, must pay special attention to preserve it.

The intake of foods that have lost the cold chain can cause food poisoning, and produce symptoms such as abdominal pain and cramping, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and fever.

According to Sánchez, the foods that involve the greatest risks are meats, raw or undercooked fish, raw eggs, seafood and cold meats, as well as dairy products.

Likewise, it is important to point out that once the food is defrosted, it can not be frozen again, since it can present problems of microbiological contamination.


Do not forget to hydrate yourself!

“The days of high temperatures and humidity can become a serious risk to health, so it is important to maintain a balanced diet and meet all the nutritional requirements of the body, not only with solid foods, but also with liquids,” he said. Lic. Liliana Sánchez.

I ingested water, juices and natural fruit or vegetable smoothies, at least two liters per day, and avoided sodas and sugary drinks.

Pay Special attention to the Elderly and Children

Adults over 65 and children under 5 years are more prone to heat shock and dehydration, therefore, it is important to keep them in cool and ventilated places, in addition to facilitating access to fresh drinks.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

Avoid exposing yourself to the sun in excess and doing physical activity between 11 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. Try to stay in cool environments and, if possible, air-conditioned. In the case you should leave, wear light, loose and light-colored clothing, and do not forget to bring a hat, sunscreen and dark glasses.

If you present symptoms such as reddened skin, hot or dry, breathing and weak pulse, nausea, confusion, high body temperature, or know someone with these symptoms, seek medical help at 107 (SAME) or 103 (Emergencies on public roads) .

With the arrival of summer, people are more exposed to the sun. Therefore, it is very important to take certain precautions.

There is a misconception that tanning is healthy. However, sun exposure, through ultraviolet (UV) radiation, can cause serious damage to the skin. Some injuries appear immediately, such as burns and blisters; others – such as premature aging of the skin, spots and even skin cancer – can occur over the years, since the harmful effects of these radiations accumulate over time.

Top Best Summer Health Care Tips

How to enjoy the outdoors?

  • Do not expose yourself to the sun between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Use sunscreen SPF 15 at least, even on cloudy days, and apply it 30 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun. Children and babies need more protection.
  • Protect yourself with a hat, clothing and glasses.
  • Keep in mind that exposing yourself in small and frequent doses, tans better than a prolonged and isolated exposure.
  • Look for the shade of a tree, roof or umbrella.

Remember that clouds let the sun pass, and that sand, water and snow increase their action.

How to protect from the sun?

It is recommended the use of sunscreens that prevent the aggression of ultraviolet rays. The minimum protection factor is SPF 15. According to your skin type and background, your dermatologist will be able to indicate the most appropriate protector.

For the protection to be effective, the protector must be applied every two hours and after each bath, because although they are resistant to water they lose their properties.

If you are on the mountain, in the water or sailing, use creams with a protection factor greater than SPF 30. Be sure to apply it evenly on all exposed areas of your body; including ears, nape and bald parts of his head.

Avoid that your baby is exposed to direct sunlight, and be very careful because the reflection of the rays in the sand and water can burn your skin even if you are under an umbrella.

Children under 6 months should not be exposed to direct sunlight and sunscreen should not be used.
Sun protection must be done from birth and continue throughout life for the cumulative effects.

In case of detecting changes in the skin, it is recommended to perform a dermatological control for the early detection of lesions.

Prevention During the Summer

In the summer months, the sun, high temperatures, the dryness of the environment or the chlorine of the pools can affect the health of the eyes, so we must take precautions and take the appropriate protection measures.

Inflammatory processes, such as allergic or irritative conjunctivitis, increase its incidence in the hot months. Radiation is harmful to the cornea and lens, and ultraviolet rays induce aging of the skin and lens and can cause cataracts.

Chlorine from swimming pool water or salt from sea water can cause irritation, while the dryness of the environment (both natural and by the use of air conditioning) causes greater evaporation of the tear, increasing the sensation of dry eye.

To protect our eyes we must use:

  • Sunglasses
  • Visors or hats
  • Goggles
  • Sunscreen with UV filter

In the case of “dry eye” we must increase the blinking, consciously, and if necessary, use artificial tears, prescribed by the ophthalmologist. It is advisable to humidify the environment in case of using air conditioning.